Estonian Folk Dance and Folk Music Association, (abbreviated ERRS) is the association of folk dance, folk music teachers and amateurs.
ERRS is the central association in the area of folk dance and folk music. The central association consists of bigger and smaller units – various different kinds of national associations, societies, unions of the same area, also county and regional associations.
Estonian Folk Music Association was founded on 10.12.1988. The chairmen: Anti Kalamees (1988-1989), Ülo Luht (1989-93, folk dance), Ahto Nurk (1989-93 folk music), Valdo Rebane (1993-2002), Kalev Järvela (2002-2021) and Kadri Tiis (since 2021).
Today’s ERRS management has 7 members – Kadri Tiis (chairman), Kristi Alas, Agne Kurrikoff-Herman, Mall Paulus, Helin Pihlap, Jaanus Põlder and Kristiina Siig.
ERRS is a co-operation partner for Estonian Song- and Dance Celebration Foundation in the preparation and directing of nationwide dance festivals and youth dance festivals.
ERRS is one of the initiators of folk dance reward. ERRS has its own badge of honour. *Estonian Dance Leaders’ Folk Dance Group and *Estonian Folk Music Orchestra of Conductors belong to ERRS.
The main aim of ERRS is the preservation and development of folk dance and folk music. In co-operation with the Folk Culture Development and Training Centre we arrange training sessions, seminars, courses (annual summer courses for folk dance and folk music leaders) etc.
The association arranges competitive dancing, games, joint performances (in Tallinn Old Town Days and Beer Festival), nationwide folk music festival (held every second year), thematic events, international dancing day, competitions for new dances and music, performing at international festivals.

The Estonian Folk Dance ang Folk Music Association
Vilmsi 55, 10147 Tallinn
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E-mail: errs(at)

Kadri Tiis
Occupation: Manager
Gsm: +372 51 56 888
Gsm: + 372 569 58630
E-mail: errs(at)
Languages: estonian, russian, finnish, english

Karel Vähi
Occupation: Director
e-mail: Karel(at)
Phone:+ 372 601 5641
Languages: estonian, english